Le Petit Hédouin

- The order and position of artefacts relative to each other is always the same.
- The higher and more stretched out the general population of a certain gameworld is, the more stretched the “artefact spirals” will be.
- The spawn is not directly related to the number of villages as such but to the density of their location. So if an alliance put lots of villages in a specific place, it would alter the density. Likewise, if a quadrant has significantly fewer players than the others, its density would be lower and result in the spirals being squeezed.
- If everyone settled in the center, only then the spiral will be tighter than if alliances spread out more where it may become looser.
- It has been reported that the radius for unique artifacts varies most of the time between 18 and 30 fields.
- Alliances usually settle multiple catapult villages in their quadrant(s) and the opposing quadrants to cover the largest possible area before artifacts release.

The following is based on the data from a ts30 x3 server that started in 2023 and ended the same year:
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