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Bienvenue sur le Petit Hédouin, un site communautaire dédié à l’apprentissage du jeu et au partage de documents pour Travian Legends. Il ne s’inscrit pas dans une optique d’échanges dialogués mais comme une banque de ressources en ligne.

Created in 2016 by Zephew and DroOpy, two Travian players, lepetithedouin (lph) is a French community site that was initially intended to help younger players to mature in the game. It quickly became apparent that intervening at each level of experience ultimately brings cohesion to the site, removes the boundaries of knowledge between beginners and experienced players, and provides a rich database to players according to their technical level.

In addition to the tutorials that provide a solid foundation for some of the game's techniques, the guides and Google documents that you can find on this site are undoubtedly the most requested content by high-level players. Thank you for respecting the integrity of their authors who have accepted to share their documents. Moreover, any contribution to the site is welcome.

We thank the players who have made this knowledge sharing possible!

Paris is the capital of France.

You can share your guide/tutoriel/spreadsheet on the website. It has to be an original document (french and/or english) and you must be the creator. You can send a copy to us here.

Also, add DroOpy #5942 on Discord for the review.